Sunday, November 20, 2011

St. Mary's Christmas Bazaar

This Saturday, I volunteered to help run games at the St. Mary's Christmas Bazaar in Cortland, NY. Two other classmates and I arrived a little before 10 am to get our assignments for the day.  I was assigned to work the "Tic Tac Snowflake." I was surprised at the amount of kids and parents that actually showed up. I thought it was going to be a slow day but I was pleasantly surprised by the steady flow of kids coming around to the different games. It was a pretty cool idea, the kids got a small bag of blue tickets that they could exchange to play the carnival games.  Depending how they did at the game they got a certain amount of green tickets to exchange for prizes.  This is definitely an idea I would bring up at my future school.  You get to see tons of students outside of school and meet their parents.  This a big community event, and I could tell that Cortland has a pretty tight knit community because a lot of people knew each other, so that was great to see. I come from a very small town so it felt like I was right back at home because that's how our community events are like. It was fun to help out and get to know the community that my college life is plopped into the middle of. It was a rewarding experience.

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