Monday, October 31, 2011

Lab C Reflection

Here are the forms for my Reflection Analysis:
Time Coding
Lab C Packet with Task Progression
Lesson Plan
Developing the Content
Feedback Analysis

My Reflection:
   Teaching the Cha Cha Cha made me realize quite a few things about myself as a teacher and the things that I need to improve upon to become a better educator. The first thing I learned was about time management, and its importance to the classroom. In my next lesson I really want activity to be more than 50% of my lesson. I definitely have improved the other categories of time management from my last lessons, here's my past time coding forms for Lab A2 and Lab B.
   This time I did a little too much talking because I want to explain the steps to the dance as clear as possible. Another thing I noticed after doing all my forms was that I didn't use nearly enough feedback. If I want to become a better teaching I am going to have to use more congruent skill feedback. I am confident that my Lab D will be much better planned and more thoughtful because I feel that I am getting the experience and skills I need to become a more useful teacher.

 My progress can be traced in a short slideshow movie. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lab B

For my third time teaching I think I did pretty well.  Of course there are things that I still need to improve upon. For example, I need to have a signal for attention that is clearer.  It is important that in the future my students will know when to listen and react to my instructions in an effective manner. I also need to move around the class more to get a better view of what everyone is doing.  This will help me give more feedback to my students.  Also I think I confused my cues in the beginning of the lesson, so I need to keep everything straight next time. The things I think I do well are that I stay enthusiastic, I got everyone involved, I pinpointed, and I think I had a audible voice.

Here is my time coding worksheet and my transcript for Lab B