Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teaching Physical Education Questions

1) Teaching is a goal-oriented activity because teachers need to strive to meet standards and develop curriculum that will benefit the students. NASPE was developed in order to create these goals that teachers need to help their students achieve. If teachers are meeting the standards it helps their program gain credibility and then they can defend it as a viable source of education.

5) The movement task-student response unit is very important to physical education. The movement task and student response to task are intertwined and the teacher can observe the response and adjust the movement task to benefit the student. The movement task is what the teacher instructs the student to do and the response is what the students are doing for the task. When the teacher observes the student they can determine whether the task is reaching an intended goal or adjustments need to be made regarding the environment or task. The whole ideal is to create the best learning environment for the student.

7) There is a relationship between teaching functions and teaching skills. Teaching skills are within each specific teaching function. The function is a general idea of teaching method that can be applied with specific teaching skills. One teaching function is presenting tasks. A teacher can present the task by vocally explaining the lesson or maybe they can do it by a demonstration. Another teaching function is organizing and managing the learning environment. This can be done by modifying a drill in case you need more people to get involved.  Or maybe you could increase the space used in a tag game so that the students have to move around more. These functions are important tools that teachers must acquire to be successful.

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